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Welcome to Tauhei Combined School

 Nau Mai Haere Mai

Tauhei Combined School is a rural school located 13 km North West of Morrinsville and 35 km East of Hamilton. The School caters for children from New entrant to Year 6.

Tauhei Combined School is a very special place. We are a thriving school in the heart of the Tauhei community, catering for the needs of many students. Our school is forward thinking and focused on quality.

At Tauhei Combined School, we want everyone to be their very best.  Our Vision is ‘Truth Above All’. We are a close-knit school and children feel they are known and supported by teachers and each other. Students at Tauhei feel safe and enjoy the friendly nature of our school.                                                                                                     

Tauhei School is a great place for children to learn. We offer a wide range of additional activities to enable students to experience new ideas and opportunities – in leadership, academic, service, cultural and sporting pursuits. Learners are equipped with the skills, ambition and knowledge to become confident and connected 21st Century citizens.

Incredible support from our community ensures that our students receive a remarkable array of opportunities, plus also benefit from extensive resources and support programmes.

Do come and visit us. We’re a busy, happy, unique community, and you’ll be made very welcome. Feel free to contact us if you ever have any queries, or alternatively I would be very happy to show you around our fantastic school.

Chris May  -  Proud Principal


School Curriculum

At Tauhei Combined School the curriculum is based on:

  • Creating a love for Learning.
  • Active Learning in meaningful contexts.
  • Setting children up for Success.
  • Co-operative Learning between classes.
  • Learning about thinking and the Learning Process.
  • Creating a Put up Zone.
  • Basics, Balance, Excellence.
  • Attitudes and Values: Aroha, Trust, Pride, Risk-Taking, Perseverance.
  • Valuing intelligent behaviour.
  • Reflective thinking.

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