Tauhei Combined School is the best because we are all friends - its like a big whanau. We help each other in many different ways. We get a good education and we enjoy it. There is never any one left out. The teachers are kind and caring and every one supports you in sport. We have Friday lunch orders. Since we are a small school we have a huge range of opportunities. We have apple computers that we are allowed to use for some jobs. We are a small community and all care for each other.
Tor Holmes

At Tauhei Combined School we have four fantastic classes Mrs Hansen teaches in room 1, Mrs Erceg teaches room 2, Mrs Kealy teaches room 3 and Mrs Brown teaches room 4. We have a vast selection of opportunities such as swimming sports in the summer and also cross country in the winter. We have rugby and soccer and we go on amazing camps. If your looking for a fantastic school come to Tauhei.
Alex Mitchell

Tauhei Combined School is the best school ever because everyone can go to sport days. There is always a cool camp at the end of the year. No one is left out of games and the teachers are kind. On Friday we have assemblies. We have 5 teachers and Mrs Averill is a perfectionist at gymnastics. We are like a big whanau and we all get along.
Zac Kealy

Tauhei Combined School is a lucky school because we have lots of opportunities and privileges. We are allowed to use the hot water and the microwave. If this school puts its mind to it they can do anything they want to do. The teachers at our school are kind, Mrs Brown, Mrs Averill, Mrs Hansen, Mrs Ercerg, Mrs Kealy and Mrs Hazelhurst are best teachers in the world. This school is kind and caring but also very friendly. There are no favorites. The older students set a very special example.
Detroit Sluys Tamanui

I love Tauhei Combined School because we can learn and get a good education. And you have a lot of sports activity. We are lucky to have good and supportive teachers. We have Mrs Brown Room 4 and principal for Tauhei Combined School. We have Mrs Hazelhurst for maths. We have Mrs Averill for Room 3 English. Mrs Erceg for Room 2 teacher and fitness. Mrs Hansen teaches Room 1 and Mrs Kealy has Room 3. We have a lot of friendly people and very sporty people. We have fun camps like last year we went to Auckland. Mrs Gohns is always there to give you a friendly welcome.
William Judson

My name is Bailey O'Connor, I go to Tauhei Combined School. It is a great place to go to. When everybody works together we make a fantastic team. There are 7 fantastic teachers named Mrs Brown fantastic teacher and principal, Mrs Kealy she gives up a lot of her time to organise unforgetable camps and trips, Mrs Erceg is a professional for sports, Mrs Hansen is a fantastic teacher to help room 1's with their 1,2,3's and A,B,C's, Mrs Gohns is a fantastic person, she is always open to welcome new people, Mrs Averill is a professional gym teacher and Mrs Hazelhurst is a great maths teacher.
Bailey O'ConnorĀ 

Tauhei Combined School is very cool because we get a lot of chances to be chosen for sports days. Our classes are a good size for quality learning. All our teachers are fair and caring. It is a great school for a good education. We are proud that we help each other and care for each other. We have a lot of special occasions like camp and Grandparents day etc.
Callum Barr

At Tauhei Combined School we all pull together to make one big team to help out younger and older students. The oldest aren't always perfect but we try to show good leadership and at times of need we all support each other. In the summer we go swimming and we have triathlons and swimming competitions. We have Saturday sports as well - rugby and netball. Mrs Averill is a professional at coaching gymnastics and we go to the competition in Hamilton. The PTA gives us a lot of support. Friday special lunches is one of their treats. My opinion is Tauhei Combined School cares and gives children an excellent education.
Te Ohomairangi Hopa-Cribb

Tauhei Combined School is a happy and bright place to be. We focus on doing the best we can. Tauhei Combined School appreciates all cultures and learns from them. We have sports days, camps, Grandparents day and other special occasions. We have only got 60 kids in our school so classes all share their knowledge and are privileged together. We are all proud of the work and the good deeds we do. Tauhei Combined School does a range of activities to stretch our minds.
Calvin Singh