Pita Bread Day with Milly

Milly from Project Energize who came to work with the children making pita bread from the beginning. The used measuring skills, reading, patience and then the had the chance to eat the final result with salad and hummus. The children all learnt some amazing baking skills and had a very scrummy pita bread lunch. The recipe: Pita Bread Home Made 2 tsp yeast 1 tbsp sugar ½ cup warm water Dissolve sugar in warm water then sprinkle over yeast. Leave 10-15 min to rise. 3 cups flour (can be a mix of white and wholemeal) ½ tsp salt ¾ cup warm water Mix salt and flour and add yeast water to mixture. Add more warm water till dough forms. Kneed for 10 minutes adding more flour till smooth consistency and isn’t sticky any more. Put into bowl and cover with oiled glad wrap and leave 1 ½ - 2 hours in a warm place till doubled in size. Remove from bowl and kneed back into a smooth ball. Divide into balls (usually get 14-16) and roll out about 5ml thick. Put on a floured tray and bake on the lowest shelf in the oven at 210 C for 5-7 minutes. Adapted from thefreshloaf.com