Teachers use monitoring, analysis and reflection as an integral part of their teaching. A comprehensive range of techniques is used to evaluate progress and achievement of students. Teachers use formal and informal methods to monitor student progress against learning outcomes. Self assessment and peer assessment is used to encourage children to monitor their own progress against specific learning outcomes.


Assessment activities will be in accordance with the Specific Learning Outcome and will indicate level.
Teachers will use professional judgment. Children’s assessment data will be compiled in their Assessment Book. A report of school wide achievement to the Board of Trustees will be made in identified areas each term. Teachers may keep relevant anecdotal records. Children will be assessed using standardised tests which indicate the performance relative to other New Zealand Children of their age. All children will be tested very close to their 6th birthday using the 6 year Observation Survey.


Individual Assessment Portfolios are annotated and sent home for parent / caregiver comments.
Achievement Information across the school is reported to the Board of Trustees.
Parent Interviews are held mid year.
Parents are welcome at any time to make an appointment with classroom teachers to discuss student progress and achievement.
Individual Education Planning (I.E.P.) meetings occur with parents of some students on a regular basis.
The school newsletter has information from the students about learning programmes in the classrooms, which is reported to parents.
BOT consult and update regularly through meetings and notes in newsletters.