New Zealand’s bicultural heritage is unique and important to all New Zealanders.

At Tauhei Combined School learning programmes will:

Explore the bicultural heritage of New Zealand society and the partnership 
between Maori and pakeha.

Ensure Maori perspectives are in accordance with the views of local iwi.

Recognise the place of te reo Maori and tikanga Maori.

All children are involved in a programme where learning includes:
Basic Maori vocabulary, Pronunciation, Greetings, Maori Protocol and
Marae Protocol.
The school visits the Tauhei Marae annually.


Tauhei Combined School:

Understands and respects that different cultures make up New Zealand society.

Promotes non-racist attitudes and behaviors.

Recognises that students may need to meet more than one set of cultural expectations.

Considers and respects the traditions and beliefs of cultural groups within the local community and understands that some children are Bi-lingual.