Education is a team effort between the school and home. Please feel welcome to come and discuss with your child’s teacher or the Principal any matters concerning the welfare and education of your child. We strive to work together to ensure all children are happy and secure at school. Our acceptance, recognition and encouragement of each child’s efforts will give them confidence and self-esteem as they develop a healthy attitude to the 
learning process.


Tauhei Combined School is a community school and a family school. Our doors are always open to visitors and students are always keen to show visitors what they are learning.


The School has a policy to answer all concerns promptly, fairly and effectively. It is our policy to be always accessible to parents who wish to discuss any aspect of their child’s school life. In normal circumstances, it is well to make an appointment, but if it is an emergency, just come! A minor problem or worry dealt with early, rarely becomes a major one. Teachers will also contact parents promptly with any concerns.


A newsletter is sent home every second Thursday, on the basis of one per family and is given to the eldest child to deliver. The newsletter is also emailed to all families and to some community members, if students grandparents would like to receive our newsletter please inform the office. It is designed to keep people informed of coming events, policy changes, and general matters on the everyday running of the school. Please look out for these, as they are our most important method of communication with our families.


Generally the whole school assembles each Friday morning in the Library. This is a time of getting together to see what the other classroom have been doing and to celebrate achievements throughout the school.