Complaints Procedure

Tauhei Combined School recognises the importance of the school responding to concerns and complaints in a fair and consistent manner, in accordance with the relevant employment contracts, legislation and codes of conduct.


  1. To maintain a safe environment for staff and students

  2. To provide fair and effective procedures to deal with concerns and complaints when raised, ensuring matters of concern are resolved as early as possible.

  3. To ensure that all parties are treated with  respect, fairness, transparency and with dignity 

  4. Maintain confidentiality.

  5. To put in place corrective actions as required.


      1.      In every case both this procedure and the relevant employment contract will be consulted.

      2.     Concerns (as distinct from formal complaints) will be dealt with by the class teacher wherever possible.

               i.   Parents/caregivers are encouraged to discuss concerns they may have regarding their children's education directly with the class teacher concerned, making an appointment to ensure a mutually acceptable time outside normal class hours.

              ii.   Staff members are strongly encouraged to follow up concerns with the parent/caregiver concerned after an appropriate passage of time to discuss developments both for an evaluation of developments.

              iii. The staff member must keep the Principal informed.

      3.     Complaints not resolved through discussion should be referred to the Principal.

              i. The Principal, wherever appropriate, will seek to resolve complaints.

      4.     Allegations are to be notified immediately to the Principal or the Board. After investigation the appropriate outside agency may be contacted.

      5.     Formal complaints can be made to the Board.

              i. Complaints should only come to the Board when the complainant has followed the earlier steps of the procedure (i.e. step 1 - consult the teacher, step 2 - consult the Principal) and is not satisfied with the outcome.

              ii. Complaints to the Board are to be in writing signed by the complainant. The problem is to be defined and a concise statement of facts made.

              iii. The chairperson, in consultation with the Principal, may investigate to see if the matter can be resolved prior to being discussed by the Board.  If the chairperson is able to resolve the matter then the Board                       should be informed of the outcome.

               iv. Where the complaint comes to the Board, the Board will immediately acknowledge to the complainant, in writing, that their complaint has been received and that the action will be taken in accordance with this procedure.

               v. The Board will ensure that the procedure appropriate to the issue is in place and that the requirements of the appropriate policy are being met.

       6.     Both the complainant and the person against whom the complaint is being made may have a support person at any face to face meeting.

       7.     Where a verbal complaint is made to a member of the B.O.T. about a staff member the Board member shall ask the complainant to discuss the matter with the Principal.

       8.   Board members with personal knowledge or a conflict of interest in the complaint must exclude themselves from participating in the complaints procedures.